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This site is a collection of fanfiction of various pairings and characters. Mostly Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru, Spike/Xander, Xander/Angel, Xander/Giles and maybe a little Xander/Graham.

Please read and review the fics and pairings you enjoy and avoid those that you do not. And as always, please review and let me know what you like...you never know, you could just inspire the muse.


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Fic Updates
by Karyn on 06/05/2009 10:11 PM

Also, it's been quite a while since I added fic to this site.

And since I'm trying to get everything up to date, I'll be adding in all the fiction that was previously posted on my fiction and art livejournal.

Updates and Fics
by Karyn on 06/05/2009 10:08 PM

Updated the site with a new version of eFiction. Added a few skins that i'm tweaking and trying to see what I like best, as well as a new shoutbox that's built into the site to get rid of the popup ads. I haven't been able to get the shoutbox on all the skins yet, but i'll be adding it and deleting the old one as soon as possible. If you'd like to see it or to vote in a poll about which skins you like best, just go to the CSSZen skin.

Still working on Double Vision (Spike/Buffy/William) as well as a couple Spike/Xander and a few Xander/Angel stories.

When you register feel free to make a bio and if you have a site or journal and would like to post it so others that come to this site may find you at yours.

Thanks for reading (don't forget to review)

Karyn (kargrif)

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Manacle Mishap by kargrif PG-13

Willow discovors more than she wanted to know about Xander’s sex life.

01/16/10 02:29 pm
I randomly tried several and only one works the rest I tried don't.
01/16/10 02:26 pm
It's not all of them I just got one. The section feel of felt sequel is one fo the one's tha don't work right.
01/16/10 02:24 pm
For some reason I can't access the stories even after logging in. All I get is the synopsis and a place to review but no story text.
06/05/09 10:08 pm
shoutbox up and operational


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