Whispered Muse
Fiction and Art by kargrif
Warnings: Blood Play
Summary: Response to Challenge # 178. Spells and Jealousy and Treachery...oh my! Set during The Yoko Factor, something has happened to make Buffy and Spike repeat the same day over and over. Will they figure out they're in this together or keep working against each other? Will they be able to fix the time loop or are they doomed to repeat the day for eternity? And just how many visits from a jealous Riley and Angel will Buffy be able to stand?

Special thanks to spikeslovebite for beta'ing!!! This fic is a collaboration between Karyn, JackofSpikes, and Maryperk. This fic has won runner-up for Divine Retribution and Judges Choice at the Fang Fetish Awards and Runner-Up for Best Challenge Response at Loves Last Glimpse Awards. And has been nomm'ed at the Burn and Spark Awards for Best Plot, Best Romance, and Best Challenge Response.
Categories: Season Buffy 4 / Angel 1 Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike
Genre: Angst , Challenge Response, Comdey / Fluff, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Blood Play, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: Yes Word count: 114603
[Report This] Published: 04/13/2007 Updated: 12/01/2007