Whispered Muse
Fiction and Art by kargrif
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Story Notes:

The Beginning Which I also wrote for my community buffy_and_then on lj....


“So we are in agreement,” Giles concluded, polishing glasses and avoiding the gazes of the other occupants of the apartment. “We do not send the Gem to Angel.”


“Amen to that,” Xander chimed in.


Oz was silent but nodded before shifting back against the chair and away from the conversation.


Willow looked around, nervously biting her lip. “Um, yeah. I mean, I’m all for it, if that’s what everyone else thinks is best. Buffy?” the redhead probed gently.


“Yeah,” the blond answered, eyes still riveted to the ugly ring resting in the center of the coffee table. “If Angelus were to get out again, it would be of the bad. Not that I think Angel would…” she rushed to clarify. “I mean, knowing about the curse kinda puts the crimp on the happy, right?”


“I know we would all like to think that Angel would be wise enough to avoid temptation, but we cannot exclude outside forces trying to interfere with him or the Gem.” Giles sighed as he sat next to his charge, patting her knee consolingly. “I fear we must make the decision based on the best for all humanity. An unsouled, invincible vampire could prove fatal to the world as we know it. Look at what he almost accomplished without magical enhancements.”


A collective shudder raced through all of them as they recalled the last time Angelus had come out to play.


“So, if we’re not sending it to Angel, what are we gonna do with it?” Willow looked around at the group anxiously.

TBC....right below here


Author's Chapter Notes:

Written for buffy_and_then which is a lj community where every month a challenge is given with the 'beginning' of a story and then other authors tell what they think happened next. For any pairing/character/genre/fic length. The 'beginning' of this drabble can be found here...


here's one of the scenes that come to mind from this 'beginning'....



Chapter End Notes:
Hope you liked. I don't write Angel very much...or Cordy come to think of it, i love it for you let me know what you think.

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