Whispered Muse
Fiction and Art by kargrif
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Story Notes:
Written for buffy_and_then on lj. March 08 Beginning.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Written for the March 08 at buffy_and_then 100 word drabbles (except 1 is 102 and another is 98, so it evens out, lol)

Xander pressed his head against the door. Inside, the screams continued unabated. He could hear Spike cursing as he tried to hold down the wrecked figure on the bed, tried to keep her from hurting herself even more.

Silent tears ran down his face as he listened to the soft crooning barely audible over the noise. He longed to go inside, to help any way he could, but the bandage across his broken nose reminded him of the reasons he could not do so.

The screams tapered down in an endless cycle of shots and medications that never lasted quite long enough.


Joyce stood at the kitchen sink staring sightlessly into the back yard.

Every scream of pain from upstairs pierced her heart, yet she could do nothing. Nothing to stop the hurt, nothing to take away the endless hours of agony her baby now endured.

She remembered a time when cookies and hot chocolate could soothe and comfort, when the only worries she had were teen pregnancy and drugs, but those days were long past.

Now, even in the rare silence, she could hear her baby girl’s cries, knowing when they started again there was nothing she could do but listen.


Giles sat on the porch step, books scattered around him as he continually searched for something…anything…to ease her suffering.

He had found a few extremely dangerous spells which he had marked as last resorts, but as the days and nights wore on, he was finding the consequences much more bearable than the screams inside the home.

He had retreated to the outdoors, needing to concentrate on the texts. He was grateful for the silencing spell that cloaked the house so that nosy neighbors wouldn’t hear the horrendous cries and call the police…

…and felt shame for being thankful.


Willow sat in the living room, rocking back and forth in the large arm chair.

The screaming went on and on. She could hear movement above her, pacing in the hallway, cursing in the bedroom, weeping from the kitchen.

They were all exhausted. The endless hours of worry, care, and sleeplessness were taking their toll.

She could hear the dark whispers around her, calling for an end to the pain and suffering. Calling for an end to it all. Green eyes turned into dull black voids.

The screams quieted for a moment. Black faded back to green, and she wept.


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