Whispered Muse
Fiction and Art by kargrif
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Author's Chapter Notes:

This was the challenge (that I wrote) for buffy_and_then on lj. All fics written for this verse come from that challenge.

This 'verse will be Angel/Xander


Angel watched from behind the darkened windows of Whistler’s car. The blond, the redhead, and the brunette stumbled down the stairs of the school, laughing and jostling each other playfully.

He stared as the blond slayer slipped on sunglasses and struck a pose that he was sure was well practiced. The redhead was bathed in innocence as she frantically swiveled her head, giving each friend equal attention, but he didn’t miss the way her gaze lingered on the boy in silent longing. The lanky boy seemed to be in constant motion even when standing still; arms, legs, mouth…everything on the boy moved as he held the girls’ attention for as long as possible.

Suddenly a burst of laughter came from the group, happy faces lit up with carefree humor, their eyes alight in mirth and happiness.

And Angel longed. Longed to be a part of that happiness. Longed to be apart of their lives.

Whistler sighed. “She's gonna have it tough, that Slayer. They all will. Just a bunch of kids and a Watcher trying to forget his own youth. The world's full of big, bad things just waiting to take them down.”

Angel looked almost desperate, “I wanna help them.” When Whistler turned to look at him skeptically, he added, “I want... I wanna become someone.”

“God, jeez, look at you! Getting all excited over three teenyboppers that have barely hit puberty. You’ve been hanging around the sewers too long.” Whistler snorted as the vampire turned away. “This isn't gonna be easy. The more you live in this world, the more you see how apart from it you really are.” His voice turned stern in warning. “And this is dangerous work. Right now, you couldn't go three rounds with a fruit fly!”

Angel signed in resignation. “I wanna learn…how to help them, protect them…be with them in their world. I wanna learn from you.”

Whistler nodded. “Alright.”

“But I don't wanna dress like you,” Angel added as Whistler started the car and pulled away from the curb.

“Again, you're annoying me. You're lucky we need you on our side.”


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