Baby Fic [3]

Stories where Spike and Buffy have children or Dawn is their blood child.

Original Characters [3]

Stories written without canon characters involved

All Seasons [7]

Stories that include all the seasons or a variety of seasons.

Holiday Fics [21]

Fic that revolve around any holiday.

Post NFA [14]
NCIS [4]

Stories that happen in the NCIS universe or use NCIS characters

Crossovers [4]

Stories that bring the BTVS/ATS characters in contact with characters from other fandoms.

Alternate Universe [30]

Any kind of universe that might veer from the normal canon.

Scenes [7]

Short scenes that are not connected together, for the most part.

Harry Potter [4]

Stories that have nothing to do with BTVS/ATS and are in a different fandom without crossing over to Buffy.

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